Switching off the Allergy and Autoimmune signal

Switching allergies off in pets where the allergen cannot be avoided is possible – we are doing this daily in our clinic.

  • Allergies are for life – false we can switch them off.
  • Life long medications are required – false we can switch the signal off and you can stop the medications.
  • Is it possible for my pet and for me? – Yes, if you make the choice to change your consciousness as you are entangled with your pet’s allergies ie your Fears, Grief and Desires are part of the problem.

In a study completed in 2021, fifty pets were treated for inhalant allergy with our method of switching off the allergy signal, 41 % of the patients had their allergy signal switched off and 1/3rd had the signal switched off with a single treatment. Two treatments appear to be the most common number of treatments required.

Failed patients were able to come back later when the owner was ready to embrace their consciousness and achieve the results they were looking for – switching off the allergy signal.

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