“Allergies are for life” – is an outdated paradigm that is no longer true.

The old paradigm of avoiding allergens as the only way to prevent allergies no longer holds true. The old focus has been on finding the allergens, which works out to be a fruitless task. It only works for two situations commonly seen in practice:

  1. Food allergies
  2. Inhalant allergies caused by Storage mites – mites that live on dry food.

The fact is that when a patient is allergic to one group of allergens it’s allergic to all allergen groups thus a Food allergy patient is to some degree a Contact allergy patient and to some degree an Inhalant allergy patient.

Knowing what your pet is allergic to does not help the allergy other than you realize you are facing a lifelong struggle and lifetime use of drugs. Both expensive and emotionally draining seeing an animal suffer from constant itching.

Our focus is on what is occurring in the Immune system that is making this condition possible. Allergies are a dysregulated immune system with a resultant constant Allergy signal and an Autoimmune signal being present. The signals occur at specific anatomical points in the body – as a constant. 

Patients with an autoimmune signal and an allergy signal will respond only to Steroids and Cyclosporine i.e., Immune suppressing drugs. Patients with an allergy signal only respond well to Apoquel ® and Cytopoint®. Herbs, for example, Chinese medicine do not work in switching off the allergy signals.

Commonly associated with the allergies are two broad behavioral issues:Anxiety and Aggression

A lack of bioavailable calcium in commercial diets such as Calcium carbonate or cooked crush bones aggravates these behavioral conditions. The only bioavailable form of calcium for carnivores is Calcium-hydroxy-apatite as seen in raw bones. Some of these animals, i.e., the aggression animals, require to be on a Calcium chelate supplement for a minimum of one year.

The Allergy occurs on the background of a particular energetic pattern:

The body reacts in the Freeze, Flight, or Fight response – allergies are in the FIGHT response.

The mindset is always negative – i.e. I am not worthy, I am not loveable, I cannot do this

The states of consciousness are Grief, Fear or Desire

The biggest understanding is that this energy pattern is always a reflection of the owner’s energy pattern. The owner is entangled with the pet and is the disturbing focus of the allergy patient. Thus, when the owner is having stress in their life the pet will have an outbreak of an allergic condition.

Thus, this brings us to the question of what causes the allergy signal and the autoimmune signal?

This understanding is by far the hardest to accept. The signal contains chemicals that are used to stimulate our immune system to protect us from fatal illnesses. They are termed T Helper cell stimulants and come in the form of Thiomersal, Aluminium compounds, Plant saponins, and the latest addition is cholesterol type fats. Certainly, scientists have moved away from the heavy metals in human vaccines but in the pet industry, our vaccines are pretty much still using heavy metals and saponins.

The allergy signal consists of the T helper cell stimulants plus the T follicular cell or TFr and a protein called Neuritin. The autoimmune signal consists of the same but involves the T regulator cell or TREG.  The signals are found at specific anatomical points. The allergy signal in the dorsal midline between C7-T1 (or acupuncture point location Du14 )  and the autoimmune signal in the ventral midline just proximal to sternum and chest entrance (or acupuncture point location Ren22).

Switching off the allergy signal and Autoimmune signal

Medications, herbs, and acupuncture do not switch off the signals. Thus, any treatments I have used up to this moment have only been band-aid symptom treatments. Allergies thus do appear as they will persist for life.

To switch off the allergy signal, blood is injected into acupuncture points, after the blood has been treated with energy. Following the injection, specific music is made for the patient to listen to as home treatment.

The signal can be switched off with a single treatment but it can take up to four or five treatments – this is totally dependent on the owner’s willingness to embrace that their own consciousness entangled with their pet’s illness. The success of treatment is dependent on this fact.

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For some people embracing their consciousness is not possible and this is okay, the patients will have to remain on drugs and for some, they find that treatment above plus the drugs is better than the drugs alone.

The fact is allergies and autoimmune signals can be switched off and animals can come off permanent medications.