Allergy Update April 2021 – New research

Two months ago, we started an allergy trial for patients that have Atopy – i.e., inhalant allergy and must be on medication daily to control the symptoms of the disease.

Our current medical understanding is that allergies are life-long and there is no cure. The only recourse is medication that suppresses the immune system to alleviate the symptoms. As we have reiterated time and again, we are thankful for these drugs as they change the lives of these patients. The drugs have side effects, and they have a substantial cost to owners. Our hope is to get allergy patients off these drugs. First, we must understand the damaged immune system.

The part of the immune system that is affected in allergies is a specific type of Lymphocyte called a Follicular T Cell. A Follicular T cell or Tfr is a cell that has the following surface proteins CD4, FOXP3, CXCR5 and PDCD1.  When a Tfr cell is activated it induces an allergy state.

There is also a protein called Neuritin which is part of the process as found by researchers at the ANU. Our research indicates the vaccine excipients of mercury, aluminium and saponins are also playing a role in the activation of the Tfr during a hypersensitivity state.

Additionally, we have found that the mental / emotional state of the owner / carer as well as the pet plays an important role as a trigger to allergic inflammation. There are six mental states, and the negative states are always involved with most illnesses – thus if the owner has had a fight with a family member and feels: “I am not loveable”, this is enough to set off an allergic reaction in the pet. If the dog is the lowest in the pack – there is enough stress from being the lowest member of the pack that induces “I am not worthy” that is enough to set off an allergic bout in the dog.

The above information forms the Allergy signal: Tfr Proteins CD4/FOXP3/CXCR5/ PDCD1 + Neuritin + Vaccine excipients + Six mental states. We can use this signal to detect what channel is affected in the body. The channel can give us clues to whether it is an inhalant, food, contact or drug allergy.

How we got to this understanding:

The basic trial was to treat the patients with a blood sample that was treated with bioresonance and injected at the Du14 acupuncture point. This worked for a patient and took seven treatments to achieve a negation of the allergy signal and cessation of medication for allergies.

We then added the Tfr proteins + Neuritin into music for treatment (daily listening to music) along with the blood bioresonance injections at weekly intervals and this resulted in negation of the signal in four treatments.

We then added the vaccine excipients into the music along with Tfr + Neuritin along with the blood bioresonance injections and this resulted in negation of the allergy signal in one treatment.

However, we had a re-occurrence of symptoms in one patient, five out six patients’ symptoms had resolved; and then several clinic patients that had bouts of allergy related to stress emotional issues brought my attention back to the importance of the mental states and reflection of the owner’s mental states as seen in the pet. 

Which brings us back to the magic cure – there is no magic cure because all animals will be vaccinated, and those vaccine excipients will be in the patient for life. All animals will reflect their owners mind sets and have their own mind sets, and we cannot guarantee life is going to be smooth sailing with no stressors, in fact we can almost guarantee there will be periods of stress as life changes.  But that been said the current trial shows that 5 out 6 animals can be treated with success to change the allergy signal such that the animals require no suppressive drug treatment, which offers hope at least that we possibly have another effective method in addressing allergies in our pets, that does not involve suppressive drug treatments. Obviously, more work, more cases and more time will show if this is an effective long-term solution.

Following on the research of the above we have more good news in that, we have detected the Autoimmune signal and the Cancer signal.