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At our clinic in Cooroy, we have a dedicated surgical theatre, an in-house laboratory and a dental suite—meaning we are able to offer a complete range of veterinary services on the Sunshine Coast. In particular, our in-house laboratory has been designed to help us diagnose different ailments and formulate holistic therapies.

Although we focus on natural treatments, rest assured we have all the diagnostic equipment, surgical facilities and drugs that you would find at any top veterinary clinic.

We understand how upsetting it can be to see your beloved pet in pain or discomfort, so contact us as soon as possible for an emergency appointment.

Comprehensive Vet Services

At Maple Street Vet, we take great pride in being able to offer a wide range of veterinary services, including Chinese, Western and musical medicine. Our complete list of services includes:

To learn more about any of our services or to arrange an appointment, call the surgery on 07 5447 7877.

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Vaccination at Maple Street Vet

Primary Puppy & Kitten Vaccinations

First, it’s important to understand how the young immunological naïve puppies and kittens acquire their immunological protection.

  1. Maternal antibodies from Colostrum milk that last for 12 weeks.
  2. Acquired immunity from infections if they survive the infection.
  3. Vaccination.

Thus, vaccination is to protect animals from severe illnesses that cause death. However, the old paradigms of years gone by of treating every animal the same is no longer valid in today’s world. We can accurately and scientifically test to see if an animal has immunity after one or two vaccinations instead of blindly following a three-course injection of vaccinations.

Weight Based Vaccinations

Vaccines contain pathogens we are vaccinating against e.g., Parvo Virus but these pathogens are made less virulent so as not to damage the patient. Thus, vaccines also contain vaccine excipients which stimulate the immune system – but in some cases it can overstimulate the immune system and create allergies and autoimmune disease.

Every medication we use in veterinary medicine is based on weight – except for vaccines. A 500-gram puppy will get the same dose as a 65kg dog. This just does not make any sense and potentially is the reason for causing allergies and autoimmune disease in certain patients; it was acceptable in a time when we could not test immunity in clinic, but times have changed.

Puppies and Kittens are weighed, and an appropriate dose of vaccination is given per the weight of the puppy or kitten. The vaccination is used OFF LABEL which means consent must be obtained and within that consent the owner states they will comply by doing an Immunity test 4 weeks post vaccination.

Four weeks after the first vaccination we evaluate the immunity, if immunity is acquired from the first vaccination, then no other vaccinations are necessary, until such time the immunity wanes. Yes, some puppies and kittens produce negative titres after the first vaccine – but at least that allows us to understand the second vaccination is vital. There are risks associated with vaccination with lifelong consequences that can be very costly to the owners. In our experience vaccinating Puppies and Kittens in this manner avoids these risks.

We always perform an immunity or titre test after 16 weeks to confirm that the puppy or kitten has their own immunity from the vaccine.

Booster Vaccinations

We rather advice titre tests and if immunity to these diseases has waned then it is important to discuss with owners the likelihood of the disease in their individual circumstance. There are risks associated with vaccination. If the individual’s circumstance is that vaccination is required, then a booster vaccination will be offered – but its entirely the owner’s option to what course of action is followed.

The vaccination process at Maple Street Vet

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee even with this modified approach to vaccination that undue effects will occur, but it is the best that we can offer with our current understanding. Vaccination remains the only known current method of protection against severe fatal infectious disease and as such we do recommend vaccination for fatal diseases.

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Desexing is a necessary procedure to reduce the number of unwanted pets and improve their behaviour to have well socialised pets. However, there are some drawbacks associated with internal hormonal imbalances post desexing that can lead to various diseases:

  1. Cranial cruciate disease
  2. Autoimmune disease
  3. Cancers, three cancers have been shown to be scientifically more prevalent in desexed patients: Mast cell, Hemangiosarcoma and Osteosarcoma. In practice we find many other tumours involved.

Unfortunately, the above statement is based on diagnosis using my technology which cannot be validated scientifically. However, I have done Immunohistochemical histology to show that LHR receptors are upregulated in the cranial cruciate ligament in ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments – this is a very scientific test that confirms the LH hormone is part of the cranial cruciate disease complex.

Ovarian sparing spays and Vasectomies are an option, but it does not resolve some of the behavioural impacts of having an entire dog.  So, in my mind this is not a solution. Chemical castration implants are a good option for male patients only.

Illness comes from the patient repelling the agent of illness. Thus, in the case of desexing a patient they will repel the internal hormones of LH and FSH, somewhere in the process i.e., the stress of the operation, the handling, the physical pain, the Elizabethan collar; produces an event where the patient perceives the process to be a trauma. The trauma sets up the repulsion to the increased FSH and LH hormones and this condition sets up the patient for a lifetime of health issues.

Our process of desexing to avoid these health issues involves:

  1. Minimising the trauma and knowing how important perception of trauma plays a role to ill health.
  2. Diagnosis post-surgery to see if the patient is repelling the hormones and heal that repulsion if it occurs.
  3. In our experience the repulsion can occur immediately, 2-days post-surgery or as much as 10 days post-surgery – it is for this reason we offer three free acupuncture and music healing sessions to cover these possibilities.