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I am so thrilled with the results of the therapy that my little dog Billy received from Garry at Maple Street Vet, Cooroy. When I brought Billy to see Garry, he was suffering with bald patches from scratching so much, weepy eyes and was quite stressed. He went through a series of diagnostics and it was identified that he had inhalant allergies and a mental state that was contributing.

He also had other allergens that were treated through diet and supplements.

Garry explained the Western Medicine options for treating Billy for his inhalant allergy (for the rest of his life) or the music therapy that he created. I chose the music frequency therapy because I believe in vibrational/energy medicine, the reason I sought out a holistic vet in the first place.

After 5 treatments and playing his special “music” to him regularly at home, he has now turned off all his allergy markers and is now a happy, bright eyed, little dog again. All his hair has grown back. It is a miraculous success story and an exciting breakthrough for the World. It was a happy day for us all, Billy’s success story is a World first because Garry developed and pioneered his own therapy that is not available anywhere else.

I would highly recommend Garry to anyone looking for a genuine caring and very switched-on vet.

Thank you so much, Garry and Cathy for taking such great care of Billy.

Lyn Hornabrook, Coolum Beach Qld.

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I am very grateful to Gary for his many years of work and research around the health and happiness of our animal friends and the reminder that our own state of being directly affects them.

My dog Loui was having problems with itchy patches on his skin and a strong yeasty smell. He was tested and it was found that certain foods were contributing to this so I was able to make some easy changes to his diet. Also using a blood sample from Loui, Gary used a method he has developed to create high frequency sound/music tailored specifically to address the problems. Again it has been an easy thing to implement having that play from my phone for a while each morning.

I found Gary's approach to be holistic, and about finding the actual cause of the problem. This is very much not a one-size-fits all way of looking after the health and happiness of our pets and I very much appreciate it. Also if all that sounds very expensive you would be wrong. I found the costs for Louis treatment very reasonable and it worked!

Im happy to say Loui is back on track, healthy, happy and comfortable again.

Kim Dahl

I highly recommend Garry and Cathy at Maple Street Vet, Cooroy!

From the first encounter to the final check up, they were both extremely helpful, considerate and understanding. What was a stressful experience for Fern and I, Garry was reassuring and kind with no judgement during the whole process.

Garry was unfazed when having to deal with my difficult dog Fern for a surgical procedure and was able to assist with her recovery, behaviour and energetic vitality with a holistic approach through diet and Chinese medicine.

We utilised his extensive knowledge in audio music diagnostic therapy which he provided post op and the difference in Fern's behaviour from our first visit two days earlier was unbelievable!

She appeared to be more attentive and calmer in what was a highly stressful environment for her previously. She was receptive, focused and managed the situation with ease and assurance which will allow future training and guidance to be productive and effective.

I feel the future is positive where I can continue to utilise a new medium to provide Fern with happiness and a connection that will grow and calm her in the future. If you are looking for a great vet, I would suggest getting in touch with Cathy at Maple Street Vet.

Thanks Jo & Fern

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We couldn’t be happier or more grateful for Cosmo being cured of his allergy by Garry at Maple Street Vet, Cooroy. We cannot recommend Garry and Cathy highly enough for their loving treatment and the great care they give.

Cosmo has suffered from allergies since we first bought him home being only a few months old and we have tried everything to cure him including sending him out to Goondiwindi to try a different climate and lifestyle. Whilst at Goondiwindi he became so badly infected that the vet wanted to put him down. At that time I bought him home and Garry helped him get back to a normal life here using diet and acupuncture but he had to remain on the apoquel. He is almost 8 and has been on the drug apoquel for at a good deal of his life which has been aging him significantly but at least kept the itching, inflammation and infection at bay giving him some quality of life.

On visiting Maple St vet for another issue in March this year Garry told me of his latest successes treating similar animals with inhalant allergies and identified the mental state that was contributing to his issues.

Being a kinesiologist I am aware of energy and vibrational therapy and the fact that we create everything in our lives via our own thoughts, feelings, words and actions and the fact that our animals are an extension of our own consciousness.

After our 2nd visit for the new treatment Garry explained how important it was for me to take part in Cosmo’s healing and to consider that his issues were my own. I knew this to be true as the mental state he had identified in Cosmo was indeed something I have struggled with my whole life as were the allergies which I am also now cured of as well.

On our third visit and after religiously playing his “music” while the both of us were together (and often other household members were present) at home, he is now fully recovered and we are all so much happier. Those who know Cosmo are amazed.

Thanks again Garry – what you are doing is incredible and ground breaking.

Kindest Wishes Tracey and Cosmo Terry Doonan QLD