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I am so thrilled with the results of the therapy that my little dog Billy received from Garry at Maple Street Vet, Cooroy. When I brought Billy to see Garry, he was suffering with bald patches from scratching so much, weepy eyes and was quite stressed. He went through a series of diagnostics and it was identified that he had inhalant allergies and a mental state that was contributing.

He also had other allergens that were treated through diet and supplements.

Garry explained the Western Medicine options for treating Billy for his inhalant allergy (for the rest of his life) or the music therapy that he created. I chose the music frequency therapy because I believe in vibrational/energy medicine, the reason I sought out a holistic vet in the first place.

After 5 treatments and playing his special “music” to him regularly at home, he has now turned off all his allergy markers and is now a happy, bright eyed, little dog again. All his hair has grown back. It is a miraculous success story and an exciting breakthrough for the World. It was a happy day for us all, Billy’s success story is a World first because Garry developed and pioneered his own therapy that is not available anywhere else.

I would highly recommend Garry to anyone looking for a genuine caring and very switched-on vet.

Thank you so much, Garry and Cathy for taking such great care of Billy.

Lyn Hornabrook, Coolum Beach Qld.