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Intergrated Cancer Care

Cancer is a formidable health threat to pets and is a complex disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth, resulting in the formation of malignant tumours that can invade nearby tissues and spread throughout the body.
A cancer diagnosis can only be made by taking a physical sample and making a histological diagnosis of cancer.
Cancer arises from genetic mutations that disrupt the balance between cell growth and cell death. There are numerous types of cancers and risk factors vary depending on the type.

Common factors include:
Age, cancer is disease mostly seen in the older patient.
Exposure to carcinogens.
Agents that suppress the immune system.
Certain infections are associated with cancer.

Treating cancer requires a multi-modal approach - monotherapies are often inadequate.

The primary treatment goal:
1. Kill the cancer cells
2. Induce cell death (Apotosis)
3. Detox the toxins
4. Boost the immune system
5. Avoid risk factors
6. Dietary support
7. Consciousness

Killing the cancer
As an integrated veterinary clinic we offer the following:
Surgery - obtaining good clean surgical margins remains the mainstay in cancer care.

Electrochemotherapy - involves the injection of Calcium chloride into the tumour and to then electrocute the tumour such that the Calcium enters the cancers cells and kills the tumour cells. We are proud to offer this very unique service on the Sunshine Coast.
Chinese Herbal Medicine many herbs have anticancer properties. The use of Chinese Herbs in conjunction with other therapies has improved outcomes making them an indispensable tool in the treatment of cancer.
High Dose IV Vitamin C has potential anti-cancer effects from many possible modes of action, none have been verified scientifically. In our experience we see the energetic cancer signal being switched off post an IV vitamin C infusion.
Cell death (Apoptosis) is a biological process often interfered with and blocked by the cancer. All the modalities of killing the cancer rely on the biological function of cell death to work. By evading cell death, cancer cells can survive. Our approach is to use sound therapy to aid the balancing of the apoptosis pathways to encourage cell death.

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Detox the toxins - cancer is associated with toxins.
IV Vitamin C plays a crucial role in supporting the detoxification process. It participates in glutathione synthesis and boosts the activity of specific liver enzymes involved in detoxification.

Chinese herbal medicine is critical in its usefulness in the detoxification process.

Sound therapy of the specific toxin and aiding the three phases of detoxification to function helps the healing of the patient with cancer.

Boost the Immune system

As we get older our immune system declines, thus we need to boost the immune system:
1. By avoiding agents that suppress the immune system
2. Supplying specific nutrients to aid immune function
3. Chinese Herbal medicine to boost the defensive energy
4. Sound therapy to aid the function of the Innate and Adaptive immune system.

Cancer is very apt at evading the immune system, its called Immune escape. Hence why, multi-model approaches are required to not allow ANY door open to allow the cancer to escape the immune system.

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Avoid Risk Factors

  • Avoid toxins 
  • Stop the use of immuno-suppressive drugs 
  • Reduce exposure to UV Radiation 

Dietary Support

There are several diet types that can be considered in cancer and no one diet is suitable for all animals. A specific diet plan will be formulated and may include:

1. Ketogenic diet
2. Vegetarian diet
3. Organic avoid toxins
4. According to patterns in Chinese Medicine e.g. cooling diet.
5. Antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables

Let food be thy medicine.


Placed last but by far the most important. All illness is associated with a state of consciousness, pets reflect the state of the owner's consciousness. In cancer there are two main states:

1. Grief
2. Fear

The sound therapy we offer aids the pet and owner to embrace their state of consciousness associated with the cancer. Illness is the Freeze, Flight and Fight response. Cancer is the FIGHT response and healing lies in changing that fight response into an embracing healing response.

We can offer a better life living with cancer especially if our views, match your views and belief systems.

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