IV Vitamin C Mechanisms Of Action

  1. Shutting down Energy production: Cancer uses Glucose to create Lactic acid (anaerobic respiration)  as its preferred energy production. It is a fast way to produce energy in a very short time ( to fuel the growth of cancer). IV Vitamin C blocks this anaerobic respiration and changes it to more aerobic respiration.  Essentially IV Vitamin C starves the cancer of its prime energy source. To do this effectively the IV vitamin C must be given regularly and at relatively high doses, only achievable by intravenous methods. 
  2. Detoxification: Vitamin C is vital in the detoxification process, most cancers are associated with a carcinogenic toxin. 
  3. Ability to kill cancer cells: Not scientifically proven but many studies show improved survivability when IV Vitamin C is used 

Why IV Vitamin C versus Oral Vitamin C ?

It’s all about the dose. 

Oral Vitamin C can only achieve a certain level in the blood and while it is good it’s not good enough to achieve the goals required in cancer care.

We would recommend you supplement with oral vitamin C in between IV doses 

IV Vitamin C Protocol

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A two-month course is initially advised:

  1. Twice weekly for 4 weeks 

  2. Once weekly for 4 weeks 

We offer a package of reduced pricing if the twelve-week course is purchased upfront – and we offer a pro-rata refund on patients not making the twelve weeks. 

Aggressive cancers – may receive daily dosing at increasing doses to achieve suppression of growth. 

Maintenance IV Vitamin C – is advised eg patients undergoing additional chemotherapy to aid detoxification. 

How to Synergise IV Vitamin C to make it lethal to cancer

Shutting down the energy production cancer occurs in two simple ways : 

  1. Stopping Cytosol fermentation ie preventing Lactic Acid production 
  2. Reducing mitochondrial respiration 

Reducing mitochondrial respiration involves reducing the effectiveness of the pathways of electron transfer complexes I – V in the cancer cells. 

We have two readily available compounds to synergize the effectiveness of IV Vitamin C 

  1. Artemsin  – Chinese herbal remedy
  2. Doxycycline – an antibiotic that has some extra immune-modulating characteristics.  
Thus blocking lactate production and reducing mitochondrial respiration results in literally starving the cancer of energy.