Calcium -Its Important

Calcium -its important

I will be brief – the only source of biological available calcium comes from raw  bones or raw crushed bones. Calcium- Hydroxy -Appetate – a chelated form of Calcium. 

The following is NOT acceptable :

  • Calcium carbonate as found in most commercial diets. 
  • Calcium from cooked and crushed bones found in most commercial diets.

Using the commercial diets with biologically unavailable calcium will lead to : 

In young growing animals the most common issue I see is Angular limb deformity. 

In whelping dams dystocia 

In animals with reactions to toxins found in flea and tick medications, toxicosis as Calcium is the most important signalling molecule in the detoxifying process.  

In allergies most often the animals are calcium deficient. 

In Anxiety and Aggression calcium deficiency is a major problem. 

We may prescribe a Calcium chelate to patients. It can take six months to one year to rebuild the skeletal stores of calcium – but fortunately most animals respond within two weeks of a calcium chelate supplement. 

But you must never go back to the commercial diets that have biologically unavailable form of calcium.