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Unique Energy Examinations

Like other veterinary clinics, we offer clinical assessments. However, the main difference is that we use energetic examinations, which monitor the body, mind and soul of your pet.

Much like humans, the fight-flight-freeze response is how your pet’s body reacts to trauma. As such, we are able to use energetic examinations to assess this response and discover what your pet is reacting to. In turn, this allows us to understand and resolve their clinical ailment or illness.

How it Works

Using a laser, we are able to test for a number of different issues, including:

  • Physical illnesses such as viruses, bacteria and toxins
  • Allergens, including food, contact and inhalant allergies
  • Immune system problems, including APC – T cell ligands (e.g. PD1- L1 and CTLA4)
  • Non-physical ailments such as states of consciousness (e.g. fear and anxiety)

We have found that all illnesses are associated in some way with a blockage of acupuncture channels in the body, mind and soul, so we'll use our diagnostic tools to identify the underlying issue and create the best treatment plan possible for your pet.

This is a complex subject, so if you’d like to learn more, take a look at these videos [insert link].

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