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Audio Music Diagnostic Theory

At Maple Street Vet, we utilise audio music diagnostic theory. As its name suggests, this practice makes use of music to diagnose and treat animals. We ask owners to choose music which we then implement during the diagnostic process, helping us to understand why animals are experiencing illnesses or disease.

To learn more about audio music diagnostic theory, please contact us at Maple Street Vet today. Garry will be more than happy to discuss how this type of therapy works to diagnose your pet’s illness.

Treatment Methods

Once we have identified the issue, we make use of holistic, Western and Chinese medicine to treat the underlying causes.

Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine includes various forms of herbal therapy, acupuncture, exercise and dietary therapy.

Holistic therapy: Holistic medicine treats the animal as a whole: mind, body and spirit. Some of our common holistic practices include acupuncture and sound therapy to address a variety of conditions and ailments.

Western medicine: Considered the ‘traditional’ form of medicine, we can use drugs and other common treatments if this is your preferred method.

Using their knowledge and experience, Garry and Cathy will recommend the best treatment plan for your pet, but they are happy to create this based on your preferred treatment method.

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