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At Maple Street Vet in Cooroy, we provide a range of treatments for pets with allergies. In ten years of insurance claims, the number one insurance claim for pet illness in the last consecutive ten years is allergy.

Conventional medicine cannot allude to us why allergies occur.

I have spent my clinical life understanding this problem. To unravel the issue, I have created a new medical model of understanding to explain why allergies occur. The result is not what you would be expecting:

  • There is an allergy signal
    There is an autoimmune signal
  • There is a pattern in the body – a fight response
  • There is a mindset – I am not worthy, I am not loveable, or I cannot do this
  • There is a consciousness – usually fear, grief or desire

The understanding that the human carer’s consciousness is the most important trigger for the pet’s allergies, autoimmune disease, and behavioural problems.

Why Switch Off Autoimmune Signals?

Reasons to consider switching off the allergy and autoimmune signals:

  1. Natural approach vs drug approach
  2. Potential to switch off signals requiring no further actions
  3. Daily medications are expensive
  4. The suppressive medications have a medical cost in suppressing the immune system
  5. Long term better outcome financially and medically
  6.  Better outcomes for the carer’s mental wellbeing

Caveat – the healing of the allergy and autoimmune signals is completely dependent on the carer/owner embracing their own consciousness. A signing of consent and declaration of understanding of this caveat is done prior to undertaking this procedure.

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Switching Off Allergy & Autoimmune Signal

Most allergy patients react to a multitude of allergens. Chasing the allergen is fruitless—the essence of this treatment is to switch off the allergy signal and deal with root cause of why the signal is present in the first place.

The allergy signal composes of:

  1. Part of the immune system called T cells i.e., T follicular cells in allergies and T regulatory cells in autoimmune disease.
  2. Vaccine excipients (T helper cell stimulators) of mercury, aluminium and saponins (plant fats).
  3. The energy pattern of the patient and associated consciousness of the owner – usually fear/grief or desire.

In treatment, it is up to the owner to embrace their consciousness. Those that do can switch off the signals with one treatment. Most cases (99%) take two treatments and three visits. Some may take up to four or five treatments. If we are getting to six or seven treatments and the signal is still present, the owner is blocking the treatment.

Not everyone is able to embrace their consciousness for their own specific reasons. That’s okay, at least you have tried and know that your pet is required to be on lifetime treatment. Some owners don’t trust themselves and find having the treatment and continuing with the lifetime meds is better than just medication alone.

What’s Involved In The Treatment?

Treatment is:

  1. A blood sample is taken.
  2. An energetic reading of the blood is taken.
  3. The blood is injected into specific acupuncture points.
  4. A music file is made of the energy pattern of the patient, blood of the patient, associated consciousness, allergy signal and/or autoimmune signal.
  5. The owner plays the music to the patient for the next seven days.
  6. The patient is e-examined after seven days. Repeat process if allergy/autoimmune signal is present.
  7. Continue medications until the allergy signal or autoimmune signal is no longer present.
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Side Effects & Consent

Some side effects can include:

  • The treatment mobilises the heavy metals which can result in cystitis and in some cases a haematuria – i.e., blood in urine. To be honest, if this happens it is a good sign that you are making progress.
  • Other potential side effects include injection site infection and injection site trauma.

Consent given for the above procedure. I acknowledge that my consciousness plays a role in the allergy and autoimmune signal and do not hold Maple Street Vet responsible for any lack of response due to my inability to embrace my own consciousness.

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