Allergy cases – the process

Allergy cases – the process

Chronic atopic allergy cases – wherein the allergen cannot be removed is the crucible of my allergy research. Everything I have done is try and solve these cases. The other allergy cases generally are simpler to resolve so this approach discussed is for the most challenging allergy cases:

Diagnose the allergens

  1. Here we take a picture of the patient and run the TC Laser Diagnostic unit to diagnose what your pet is reacting to.

    The test is based on the Physics of Electromagnetic repulsion – in ill health, we have the Freeze, Flight, and Fight response. Allergies are the fight response and in this response, the body is electromagnetically repelling a substance. The test takes approximately 1 + 1/2 hours to run – it is ideal that the analysis is performed prior to your consultation. Sample allergy test result

  2. Physical and Energetic diagnosis at the time of consultation

    From the sample of the allergy test, you can see that your pet could be reacting to almost anything. This happens, it’s called allergy creep – start off with a few allergens and as the years go by reacting to more and more allergens. So the consultation is a very important step as the clinician can detect what is the main issue currently.

    Allergies can be like peeling an onion there are many layers – so the clinical diagnosis can only see the very outermost layer and the diagnostic test can see through all the layers. So one has to start on the outside to get to the root of the problem.

    The diagnosis we employ is the Laser Pulse diagnostic method, this method connects the music of the allergen sent through a laser to the patient – whilst the clinician measures the RAC pulse to see if there is an electromagnetic repulsion.

  3. Treatment

    The crux of allergies is to diagnose the allergen and remove the allergen from the environment.

    Simple things to change:
    Remove toxins
    Limit access to contact allergens
    Improve microbiome

    Acupuncture – to balance the energy of the patient. Each of the specific allergens affects a specific channel, for example, Contact allergens vs Food allergens vs Inhalant allergens. But even though there is a rule of thumb – there are always exceptions.

    Sound therapy – the Physics of allergies is the Fight response in two vector physics ie the electrical wave (1) of the allergen and the magnetic wave (2) of the allergen. It was discovered by us that if we presented only the magnetic wave to the patient they would no longer react to the allergen -ie the acupuncture channel would be balanced and the patient would stop exhibiting clinical signs.

    We create a sound file of your Pet’s allergens.

    Unfortunately, it is a nice treatment but it is not a cure, because if the patient is re-presented with the allergen the symptoms would return. Why this occurs leads us into a much deeper understanding of immune system memory and why there is a continuous stimulus for the allergy in the first place. This is a whole new can of worms.

    The sound is presented into specific channels and vertebrae segments and is a very specific therapy to relieve symptoms. The music is presented in frequencies to affect the body ie lower frequencies and higher frequencies to affect non-physical parts of our pets being. The higher frequencies are very important for removing lingering pathogenic energy from trauma, past pathogens, and toxins that are responsible for the ongoing allergenic stimulus. The can of worms as spoken of above. All allergies have this as the seat of their beginning.

    Bioresonance therapy – despite our massive efforts to diagnose and treat allergies there are simply cases that we cannot find out the defining problem. So, bio-resonance remains the tool for these particular cases. The bio-resonance device picks up the signals of the affected acupuncture channels and sends them back into the body at millimeter wavelengths ( the frequency of intercellular communication). Modulation of the immune system occurs but we have no particular understanding of how it works, other than its biofeedback response. We transform this signal into sound therapy for ongoing home therapy.

    Blood injections of Acupuncture Du14 – this particular acupuncture point is the only point that contacts every single layer of the body. The body has six layers to its immune system in Chinese medicine. A small sample of blood is withdrawn from a vein it is percussed and has bio-resonance therapy and injected back into the Du14 acupuncture point. A course of injections is repeated on a weekly basis for 8 -10 treatments and this has resolved some of the most stubborn allergy cases.

    IV Vitamin C – allergies are chronic inflammatory states resulting in a severe oxidation state of the body. Vitamin C is a redox particle recharger. Vitamin C will not cure allergies but it makes a great difference to the health of the patient that is suffering chronic inflammation and severe oxidative states.

    Colostrum – the immune system has a cell-mediated part and antibody part so by giving colostrum you are increasing the immune system antibody part by passive transfer of antibodies. In some cases of allergies, this can be an amazing therapy.

    Calcium – the second messenger of the body. The most understated or underrated mineral of the body. Every single process in the body relies on calcium for messaging. Commercial diets contain Phytates that leach or steal the calcium and then in addition Calcium carbonate is added to balance the calcium in the food. Calcium carbonate is biounavailable to the body and in medical research is considered toxic as it causes calcification of tissues. Every allergy case that I have done mineral analysis on, has a calcium deficiency. The best calcium form is a chelate and the best form is raw bones. Unfortunately, this is not enough in allergy patients and they require an additional supplement a chelated form of calcium that energetically enters the outer layers of the immune system.

    Regular topical bathing/ear cleaning – using a medicated shampoo that does not dry the skin – often the standard washes are soap-based and dry the skin. Regular use of alcohol-based ear cleaner.

    Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs – herbs can be used but after extensive use and research, I find them to be only effective in treating symptoms. In simple cases, they work fine and are a good alternative to steroids and antibiotics – but in very severe cases one has to rely on the medicines below:

    Suppressive Western Medical therapies – allergies extend into autoimmune disease and in these cases sometimes it’s just not possible to do anything else but use these medications. There are four options:

    Steroids – Cheap but have a multitude of side effects, especially when used long-term or at high doses.

    Oclacitinib – Apoquel ® – More expensive than steroids, fewer side effects than steroids – but does inhibit antigen presentation to the immune system ie inhibiting the immune system. So our preferences are to only use this drug if the next drug Cytopoint does not work.

    Cytopoint ® More expensive than steroids / on par with Apoquel® this drug acts on IL31. Our laser diagnosis method allows us to identify if the patient is repelling IL31 or its receptors IL31RA and IL31RB. For this drug to be effective the patient needs to be repelling IL31. If the patient is not repelling IL31 or is only repelling the receptors then this drug is unlikely to be effective.

    Cyclosporine – this drug is often combined with ketoconazole which has the added benefit of killing yeast / fungal organisms as well as increasing the activity of the cyclosporine. This is a chemotherapy drug and is listed as a carcinogen but useful in those severe auto-immune/allergy cases.

    Gabapentin – I have not worked out why this works as yet but for some cases especially linked with anxiety the use of this drug suppresses the inflammatory pathways in allergy cases.