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Allergy cases – the process

A simplified and updated approach:

Diagnose the allergens

  1. Physical and Energetic diagnosis at the time of consultation

    A physical exam is completed. Then an energetic exam is completed and we search for the ALLERGY SIGNAL, the AUTOIMMUNE SIGNAL and the CANCER SIGNAL. We are able to diagnose which medications are best to use to control the symptoms of the allergy based on what signal is present eg Cytopoint and Apoquel would not work if the Autoimmune signal is present – here steroids or cyclosporine are required.
    We employ the Laser Pulse diagnostic method, this method connects the music of the allergen sent through a laser to the patient – whilst the clinician measures the RAC pulse to see if there is an electromagnetic repulsion. 

  2.  TC Laser objective diagnosis of what your pet is reacting to.

    The test is based on the Physics of Electromagnetic repulsion – in ill health, we have the Freeze, Flight, and Fight response. Allergies are the fight response and in this response, the body is electromagnetically repelling a substance. The test takes approximately 1 + 1/2 hours to run .We test the IMMUNE SYSTEM, ALLERGENS – Food, Contact and Inhalant. We can also use this to locate the Allergy Signal / Autoimmune signal in the body  or take the most prominent allergy signal and see the location of the signal in the body.  

  3. Treatment – suppressing the symptoms 

    The crux of allergies is to diagnose the allergen and remove the allergen from the environment. However many patients have multiple – Food, Contact and Environmental allergies which cannot be removed. Thus, there are several medications that are useful in the suppressing of the symptoms of allergies:  Steroids | Oclacitinib ( Apoquel) | Lokivetmab (Cytopoint) | Cyclosporine (Atopica). If a patient has a concurrent Allergy signal and an Autoimmune signal Steroids or Cyclosporine are required. Stopping these medications causes a re-occurrence of symptoms as they are only symptomatic meds that must be given for life. Clearly some of these have side effects eg. steroids that we would like to avoid. Hence the next step is vital. 

  4. Switching OFF the Allergy signal / Autoimmune signal – this is best achieved whilst a patient is on medication, to suppress the symptoms of allergy. It requires taking a blood sample and treating the blood with Bioresonance therapy and injecting it back into the Acupuncture points that are exhibiting the Allergy signal and the Autoimmune signal. We make music of the Blood, the allergens, the states of mind and states of consciousness and this music is played back to the pet. A side effect that can be seen is cystitis as the heavy metal toxins are excreted out of the body. The signal can be turned off in ONE treatment, however if it’s taking four, five, six or more treatments than there is interference from the owner’s own consciousness blocking the treatment. In these patients we have to accept for whatever reasons the owner is unable to embrace their own issues to create a healing event – these patients require to remain on the suppressive medications for life, and this is OK. 

  5. Simple things to change:
    Diet – feed a non inflammatory raw, natural diet with fasting, fruits, vegetables and meat and bone avoiding ALL processed foods.  A non grain dry food does not qualify.
    Remove toxins
    Limit access to contact allergens
    Improve microbiome

    Colostrum – the immune system has a cell-mediated part and antibody part so by giving colostrum you are increasing the immune system antibody part by passive transfer of antibodies. In some cases of allergies, this can be an amazing therapy.

    Calcium – the second messenger of the body. The most understated or underrated mineral of the body. Every single process in the body relies on calcium for messaging. Commercial diets contain Phytates that leach or steal the calcium and then in addition Calcium carbonate is added to balance the calcium in the food. Calcium carbonate is bio-unavailable to the body and in medical research is considered toxic as it causes calcification of tissues. Every allergy case that I have done mineral analysis on, has a calcium deficiency. The best calcium form is a chelate and the best form is raw bones. Unfortunately, this is not enough in allergy patients and they require an additional supplement a chelated form of calcium that energetically enters the outer layers of the immune system.