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Diagnosing & Treating Allergies

Accurate diagnosis in allergies is essential for improving your pet’s pain and discomfort.

Western medicine and Chinese medicine can only treat symptoms of allergies thus in my pursuit to solve allergies I created a diagnosis system.

The fundamental hall mark of allergy treatment remains removal of the allergen from the pet. Thus, you must start with: “What is the pet allergic to?”

Illness is repulsion of substances in the Freeze, Flight or Fight response. Allergies are mostly in the FIGHT response. Using electromagnetic repulsion, Garry can identify the repulsion of substances rather than diagnosis of allergens as per western medicinal standards, making diagnosis more straightforward. He uses a subjective Laser pulse test which is subject to human bias but has also created an objective testing method that overcomes the human bias and fatigue of testing multiple samples.

Allergies can be simple or can be very severe stretching into autoimmune conditions. In these very severe cases unfortunately one does have to rely on suppressive western medical therapy. Our diagnosis system helps you understand the different possibilities of scale of the disease.

Why do allergies occur? This is really a tough question to answer but it is rooted in the build up of toxins and hence why clean diets, detoxing protocols and limited use of toxins is required. Unfortunately, those toxins can come in the form of our chemical preventive medicine that we employ.

However, it is important to understand that allergies also occur on a background of human consciousness. That is to say that some people may use the chemical preventatives and have no Fear of using them i.e., their consciousness holds no fear and they do not experience any allergy symptoms.

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Human consciousness improvement is a lifetime of making small improvements; thus, it is fair to say that is probably best to work with the medicine and methods that are most aligned with your consciousness. That is if you are afraid of chemical preventatives you must use natural alternatives.

So, with this in mind I am not able to cure human consciousness thus there is no cure for allergies only the management within your realms of your consciousness.

Understanding Physics

As well as allergens, Garry has worked hard over the years to gain a better understanding of how the body heals using physics. As a result, he has created the audio music diagnostic theory, which has proven to be a real breakthrough in the science world.

The main difference between traditional veterinarians and the work Garry carries out is that he focuses on the disease process (the physics behind health and disease). As such, he is able to see the simplicity of nature as opposed to its complexity.

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