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Diagnosing & Treating Allergies

Detox pathways and toxins are central to allergies, which is why at Maple Street Vet, not only are we able to test if your pet is repelling bacteria, but we can examine if they are repelling toxins too. This makes an accurate diagnosis much more likely, which is essential for improving your pet’s pain and discomfort.

Using electromagnetic repulsion, Garry is able to identify the repulsion of substances rather than allergens, making diagnosis more straightforward. He uses a combination of the Omura O ring and the RAC pulse test, forming an objective testing method that overcomes human bias and fatigue.

Rather than curing your pet, Garry’s treatment method works by eliminating allergens altogether, ensuring less drugs are required and fewer flare-ups are experienced.

Understanding Physics

As well as allergens, Garry has worked hard over the years to gain a better understanding of how the body heals using physics. As a result, he has created the audio music diagnostic theory, which has proven to be a real breakthrough in the science world.

The main difference between traditional veterinarians and the work Garry carries out is that he focuses on the disease process (the physics behind health and disease). As such, he is able to see the simplicity of nature as opposed to its complexity.

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