Knee Problems

“Case One”

This border collie bitch presented with a shuffling gait of two week duration, and constipation. She had been prescribed antibiotics and anti inflammatory’s by the regular vet. However she was not 100% . She seemed to be tired towards the end of the day.
Her diet was raw meaty bones as prescribed by Dr Ian Billinghurst BARF Website

Physical examination revealed a luxating patella, pain on the medial knee at the Spleen 10 acupuncture point. pulse and tongue diagnosis revealed a weak spleen.

Treatment involved:

Addition of Sweet Potatoes to her diet to strengthen the spleen.
Acupuncture to balance the channels around the knee joint.

99% better after 1 treatment – no longer constipated.
Herbs added to strengthen the spleen after 3rd treatment
Resolved after fourth treatment . Surgery avoided.

Dog Knee Problems

“Case Two”

This case presented as a vaccination and lameness of the left hind.

Medial patellar luxation was diagnosed. She had a poor diet of commercial dry food and subsequently had a poor dry, lust less coat.

Surgery was scheduled, however a change of diet was instituted first, which she responded very well to, thus avoiding surgery. The patellar does luxate in extreme extension, but on the whole since the diet change the leg no longer bothers her.

Dog Knee Problems

Surgical options:

I personally feel surgery is a good option as long as it does not involve the classical surgery of cutting a groove into the joint. In my opinion that type of surgery creates massive arthritis 3 -5 years down the road.

My surgical technique is not described in ANY surgical manual as it is my own creation. It is very successful and does not create arthritis. The motto is first do no harm.

The technique involves using a soft ligature that goes around the patellar to the fabellar ( a little bone on the lateral side of the knee), please see the image, essentially this ligature stops the patellar moving to medial side of the joint. Job done. Both knees can be done at the same time.

Dog Knee Surgery