Neurological Disease

Seizures respond well to acupuncture, herbs and diet treatment. The basic pathology is Wind in the head – much like a fierce wind shakes a tree in a hurricane that is the equivalent in the brain a seizure is like an internal hurricane.

Treatments are divided into clearing the wind and then to supporting the spleen, kidney, heart and liver for making blood. At this stage herbal tonics and diet adjustments are crucial.

Case: Seizures

Responded to circuit acupuncture with a single treatment, she had a course of treatments. I ordered in some herbs for her but there was no need to use them, she had responded.

Case: Brain Trauma

Brain trauma responds well to acupuncture – this patient literally woke from the death bed with appropriately placed needles. I was dealing with this cat that was smashed up by a car; the patient was unable to maintain body temperature as there was an injury to the brain stem – the part of the body that controls temperature. After four hours of not being able to warm the patient I decided to use acupuncture. Within 5 minutes of placing needles in to treat this area the cat’s temperature started to rise , and within half an hour the patient changed from comatose to walking around the cage, albeit somewhat confused.