• We have a full service veterinary clinic with all the diagnostic and medical pharmacy of drugs, plus surgical facilities however most of our clients are looking for natural methods to solve their pet’s health problems. We treat all animals Cats, Dogs, Horses, Goats, Cows , Birds, Reptiles and Wild Life with Natural medicines – but are limited to only treating cats and dogs with medical drugs.

Second Opinion Natural VetSecond Opinion Natural Vet

Second Opinion Natural Vet

We offer an integrative approached veterinary care as a second opinion veterinary practice to standard veterinary approaches. Acupuncture , Herbs , Homeopathy , Music , Detoxification and Natural diets

Second Opinion Veterinary ClinicSecond Opinion Veterinary Clinic

Second Opinion Veterinary Clinic

Our main service is offering an integrative veterinary practice. We have In house diagnostic equipment including Blood, Urine and Faecal tests, X-rays, Ultrasound, Dentistry suite and a full surgical unit. We offer the best general anaesthesia protocols possible with full monitoring equipment.

Natural Medicine Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine

We offer unique diagnostic and treatment tools to solving health problems - Acugraph energetic analysis , our very own unique Fractal diagnosis, which is incredibly accurate. Our unique Immune modulating medical device that resolves Allergies and any reactions to any Substance - natural or drug related. Chinese herbs - patent remedies and specific formulas made up individually. Natural Diets - convenient raw readymade and computer generated individualised diets.

Human acupunctureHuman acupuncture

Human acupuncture

The vast majority of animal illness comes from the consciousness of the owner. Hence we offer acupuncture , and methods to change negative states of consciousness to positive states ad positive states to neutral states.


Arthritis responds very well to acupuncture and herbs. After skin cases it is the most prevalent condition we treat.

However it must be understood that when the joint is completely destroyed or non functional through instability – then surgery e.g.  joint replacement or daily use of medical drugs is required. When the function of the joint is lost modern medical treatments are required.

We all will suffer arthritis – it is a fact of life.  As we get older our immune system gets weaker – so the pathogens can access our body and enter the joints. We cannot escape it.

My theory on arthritis is just the body reacting to pathogens entering the body.  The pathogens are commonly Wind, Cold and Damp. The joints are access points for the pathogens going deeper into the layers of the body. The body tries to prevent the pathogens entering deeper and activates its immune system to fight the pathogens – and this battle occurs in the joints.

So it is a battle of pathogens, a weak immune system and it occurs on six levels. Additionally the problems can be broken down into yin and yang energy problems entering or exiting the joints.

Arthritis is a complex syndrome but trying to find simplicity and accurate diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

Pulse diagnosis is the answer to this complex syndrome. It lets you know what is happening now. It allows me to understand which channels are involved, what level is involved and laser examination of those channels lets me know what points are active and require treatment.

Fundamental to treatment is that we need to build substances of Qi ( energy) , Blood , Yin and Jing – this is achieved through good wholesome foods and herbs. I am afraid dry food will not cut it.

Arthritis that is not arthritis!

Very often I see patients that have not responded to arthritis treatments because they have a another condition called Wei Syndrome – which is weakness of the limbs associated with substance deficiency in the channels of the limbs i.e. Blood, Qi ( energy) Yin ( fluids) and sometimes Yang deficiency ( warm energy) . These cases respond remarkably well to acupuncture, herbal and dietary changes.

Moxibustion and Acupuncture for Lower Lumbar pain / arthritis

Moxibustion and Acupuncture for Lower Lumbar pain / arthritis