Skin cases are the most common cases we see. Most clients have their pets on steroids or chemo drugs and are looking to take them off the drugs.

We have successfully treated many cases. In simple terms allergies cause a blockage of an acupuncture channel / meridian.

The easiest to treat are contact allergies as the allergen can simply be removed;
food allergens are the next easiest as it is simple to modify the diet.
the most challenging to treat are the true inhalant allergen patients – as these allergens cannot be removed.
Sometimes surgery -e.g. desexing, surgery to fix broken bones, cruciate surgery etc. causes a blockage in an acupuncture channel – scars need to be treated to resolve allergies in some cases.

So how do we approach these cases – we simply identify the organ / s that is the most deficient and support these organs. If we can identify the organ, then we can identify what substances weaken the organ.

Treatment is simply acupuncture, herb, homeopathic remedy and skeletal manipulation to strengthen the organ / channel and removal where possible of any offending allergens. Allergy desensitisation is NOW possible.

HOW TO IDENTIFY ALLERGENS -please visit my laser pulse diagnosis

NEW TREATMENT NOW AVAILABLE – Allergy desensitisation

Allergy treatment

Allergy treatment

Anything can cause an allergic reaction ! If this is the case it creates a reaction in a channel – we can diagnose this and we can treat it with Acupuncture and some gadgetry to change how the electromagnetic signal of the substance is perceived by the patient.

The patient feels some physical reaction – slight tightening / increased heat in the channel organ when this treatment occurs.

We are in the early stages of identifying the usefulness of this treatment – the patients we have treated so far have responded well.