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Office Hours
9 am - 5 pm : Vet
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9 am - 5 pm : Vet
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9 am - 5 pm : Vet
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Closed - Emergency only
Phone: 5447 7877 24 Hr Emergency
  • We have a full service veterinary clinic with all the diagnostic and medical pharmacy of drugs, plus surgical facilities however most of our clients are looking for natural methods to solve their pet’s health problems. We treat all animals Cats, Dogs, Horses, Goats, Cows , Birds, Reptiles and Wild Life with Natural medicines – but are limited to only treating cats and dogs with medical drugs.

Second Opinion Natural VetSecond Opinion Natural Vet

Second Opinion Natural Vet

We offer an integrative approached veterinary care as a second opinion veterinary practice to standard veterinary approaches. Acupuncture , Herbs , Homeopathy , Music , Detoxification and Natural diets

Second Opinion Veterinary ClinicSecond Opinion Veterinary Clinic

Second Opinion Veterinary Clinic

Our main service is offering an integrative veterinary practice. We have In house diagnostic equipment including Blood, Urine and Faecal tests, X-rays, Ultrasound, Dentistry suite and a full surgical unit. We offer the best general anaesthesia protocols possible with full monitoring equipment.

Natural Medicine Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine

We offer unique diagnostic and treatment tools to solving health problems - Acugraph energetic analysis , our very own unique Fractal diagnosis, which is incredibly accurate. Our unique Immune modulating medical device that resolves Allergies and any reactions to any Substance - natural or drug related. Chinese herbs - patent remedies and specific formulas made up individually. Natural Diets - convenient raw readymade and computer generated individualised diets.

Human acupunctureHuman acupuncture

Human acupuncture

The vast majority of animal illness comes from the consciousness of the owner. Hence we offer acupuncture , and methods to change negative states of consciousness to positive states ad positive states to neutral states.


Before Acupuncture

Before Acupuncture

Cancer is the growth of cells with NO CONTROL.   How the lack of control occurs is different in every cancer. So the key to regaining control is the diagnosis. Fractal acupuncture gives us an understanding of the Yin / Yan energy system BUT fundamentally the INHIBITORY energy system which is equal and opposite to the combined Yin/Yang system. When animals are balanced with treatment in the Inhibitory energy system – it appears that Control is regained with resultant reduction in growths, tumours.   The animal pictured here – had a lack of control of the Heart channel and Nutrient that was the issue was L-Carnitine an amino acid – treatment involved a single treatment of the Heart channel and modulating the animal’s immune system with the ISMD ( Patented technology invented by Maple Street Vet)  to change the energetic repulsion of L- Carnitine to attraction. The result was the body could utilise this important nutrient and hence it regained control and was able to control this mass of tissue growing out of control. Two weeks after a single treatment is pictured below,  reports at four weeks after treatment, is that the mass is almost gone. Remember – one single treatment – no herbs, no diet modifications, no additional drugs.

After a single acupuncture treatment

After a single acupuncture treatment

After 6 weeks of a single session of acupuncture   6 weeks post AP  It is important to note that what we found out was that this dog would become disturbed if he was separated in way from the owners eg closing a door would cause distress and upset the heart energy. So long term the Owner now understands that this is the patient’s Weak organ and doing whatever they can to make the dog feel connected is important for the dog’s health.